A Fishing Community - Angus Museum

In the 19C and early 20C every East Coast village had some connection with the fishing industry. Many small villages had large fishing fleets. When the fleet was in, the village would be busy and noisy. When the men were out fishing the harbour would often be quiet.

63 harbour c1925

JOHNSHAVEN HARBOUR c.1925. Looking south, Dock Street in background.

This photograph shows Johnshaven Harbour at low tide. Masts of a small vessel can be seen beyond the wall in the middle distance, and fishing boats would be tied to the bollards to the right. The harbour looks very quiet, so the fleet would be out fishing.

Johnshaven is a small fishing port between Montrose and Stonehaven. This was once a lively fishing community. It was one of the last villages in Scotland where traditional long-line fishing was practiced.