2009 FISH FESTIVAL FUND - Applications Extended to March 2010

11 Nov 2009

When the Johnshaven Fish Festival Management Group held their meeting last week to consider applications for grants from the Community Fund they were somewhat surprised that this year there were only two requests.

The Primary School football team were awarded £300 to help buy equipment and SHARK Johnshaven (the local environmanetal group) received £670 to insure all volunteers and also to assist in the purchase a siever and generator to run it and 20 clipboards for beach clean-ups. Therefore, because £630 remains in the Community Fund, all local organisations should note that JFFMG have decided to extend the deadline for applications to 31 March, 2010.

Applications are invited from all formally recognised or constituted community groups in the Benholm & Johnshaven area. To apply, please write to JFFMG Community Good Fund c/o Johnshaven Stores, New Road, Johnshaven.